Five | Six Textiles is a home decor brand that honors the heritage of traditional woven textiles from Côte d’Ivoire. Designed in Brooklyn and hand woven in collaboration with the Dyula weavers of Waraniéné, our textiles are mindfully crafted for the contemporary home.

Founded in Brooklyn in 2015 by Emma Wingfield and Laine Henry, Five | Six Textiles embraces time-honored weaving techniques, blending them with a modern aesthetic, and translating them into products that reflect your well-traveled home. It’s art with a function.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make one-of-a-kind ethical textiles that socially benefit the artisans who crafted them.

We are  building a sustainable business that creates a dialogue between the local artisans and the global community. As an artisan-to-consumer business, we spend time developing our model with Waraniéné rather than for Waraniéné. This means, we invest 10% of our yearly profits back into the community to help fund education, health, and business development programs for the community. We hope this will foster a world of responsible consumers while preserving an ancient art that is quickly dying out.


Our Story

Five | Six Textiles evolved out of a conversation with the artisans of Waraniéné in the summer of 2014. While on a research trip Emma met Vali, the head of the collective. Vali expressed an interest in collaborating with someone who could increase exposure to consumers outside their community and consult on silhouette design.  More business beyond the borders of their community means a more sustainable daily life and ensures the longevity of this practice.  Emma returned to New York and told Laine, a designer, about the conversation and Five | Six started to develop. Emma and Laine formed a partnership with Waraniéné that celebrates their philosophy and approach to weaving with  a desire to create a productive community that works, collectively, to keep the rich history of their shared craftsmanship alive.

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Emma Wingfield, Founder

Emma runs Five | Six out of their Brooklyn studio. Previously, she worked with museums and galleries in New York City and in London. She studied African Art and Archaeology at University College London and is interested in the economic development of the art market and its effects on local and global communities. Emma is dedicated to working with Waraniéné to promote their beautiful textiles. She believes that art is functional and should be enjoyed by all.


Laine Henry, Founder

Laine’s passion is firmly rooted in design. Two years ago, she left her career in Corporate Fashion to explore human-centered design with Five | Six and the weavers in Waraniéné. Together, they design the product you see in the shop today. From working with the collective, Laine has a newfound appreciation for design-thinking and an obsession with making a difference through art. She believes all designers should question their impact and have the ability to use their creative gifts for the greater good.


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