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Winter Collection


Approaching the village of Warnaiéné in late afternoon is a humbling experience. The village, nestled at the base of Mt Korhogo, seems to be in perpetual sunset. Golden light bouncing off rusty brown colored earth, surrounded by lush green vegetation. The clinking of shuttles as they move from side to side highlighted by the pop of topaz blue emanating from the freshly dyed cotton hanging to dry in the sun. It’s a feast for the eyes and our inspiration for the newest Five | Six Textiles collection.


Warm earthy tones pulled from the natural landscape accentuate the dusty color and structure of the raw cotton. This year we played up classic intense indigos to bring a rich combination of warm and cool tones, evoking a sense of vibrancy that pairs well with our contemporary lifestyles.


We brought back old favorites and introduced new motifs. We collaborated with our artisans to build upon their tradition patterns, transmuting them into products that will fit right in with your home’s aesthetic.