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Five | Six Textiles are handwoven with 100% cotton sourced from local farms. The process is carefully crafted by hand and designs, based on traditional motifs, are constantly evolving, the same way cloth has been created for centuries.

Cotton is grown locally, on farms in Northern Côte d’Ivoire. Once harvested, the raw cotton is sent to a central processing facility where it is machine spun. Waraniéné purchases the spun cotton in either natural white or a dark indigo blue, called blue marine.


When the weavers thread their loom, they already have a pattern and silhouette in mind. If further dyeing is required, the natural cotton thread is soaked in vat dyes for a period of time corresponding to the desired hue, then washed, and hung to dry.


The cotton thread is then woven into narrow strips of cloth on upright frame looms. These looms are built by the weaver once their training (which takes 10 years) is complete. Operated by foot pedals and by hand, the pattern is created by threading reeds attached to small beams which are cranked into position. These motifs are created by the artisans of Waraniéné and are unique to each individual product.

The individual strips are zigzagged stitched together by the tailor and the ends of the strips are finished with a single stitch, leaving the natural cut edge visible.