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Our Textiles


Five | Six Textiles are woven by hand using the highest quality raw cotton in the rural village of Waraniéné, Côte d’Ivoire. Woven in strips on handmade upright frame wooden looms, these textiles are produced using the same materials and techniques developed hundreds of years ago. This process produces quality cloth that is significantly durable, reminiscent of linen, and softens with use.

Marrying timeless motifs with contemporary aesthetics, each Five | Six Textile is designed in partnership with the weavers to preserve their one-of-a-kind patterns and ensure their artistry continues to thrive and evolve. We're extremely proud of our long-standing partnership with the Dyula weavers, which allows us to design a collection of home textiles that tell a story through their use and help bring global communities into local homes. Each textile is a unique work of art that combines bold motifs, clean lines, and contrasting colors that exemplify the eclecticism and ease of contemporary homes. Minimal yet full of detail, these pieces are designed to work with your home and enhance the appreciation of handwoven textiles.



Cotton is grown locally. Once harvested, the raw cotton is machine spun into large clumps of rough thread. The collective purchases the cotton in a natural white or dark indigo color which they call blue marine. The cotton is finely handspun onto handcarved spools and threaded onto the looms.

Once on the loom, the raw cotton is woven into long narrow strips of cloth using a complex system of peddles, wood slats, and dowels. Operated by foot and by hand, the motif is meticulously created by a complex measuring system and manually threading reeds attached to small beams that are cranked into position. These looms are built by the weavers upon the completion of their initial training. This training takes 10 years and is passed down from father to son.

As the cloth is woven, it is rolled onto a thick dowel. Upon completion, the dowel is removed and individual strips are expertly cut and zig-zagged stitched together, building the final silhouette and pattern. The ends of the strips are finished with a single stitch, leaving the natural cut edge visible.

Each textile is individually inspected before shipping to you.