How to give a new space lived-in personality

Five | Six Design

The idea of moving is not new to the Five | Six team. Between myself and Emma alone, we've moved more times than you can count on two hands. From making your new space feel like home to the never ending battle in getting rid of all of the moving boxes (why is there always one that lingers for way longer than it should!?), moving is certainly a necessary life headache. Here are a few thoughts on how to give your space some easy personality - 

1. Art and Craft - get some art on your walls

Getting art on your walls seems like a no-brainer but it usually isn't the first priority when settling in. It shouldn't be overlooked though, it's unreal how much hanging art on the walls can add to a space. We love purchasing art from the flea markets where we sell Five | Six Textiles. It's fun to support local artists in our 'hood, it gets us outside, and the story about how we acquired the piece adds to the space's energy. 

2. Layered Story - add texture

Adding textural layers is an effective way to make your space feel more lived-in. Throw pillows are enough to feel welcome-worthy by themselves. Consider adding a versatile throw blanket to your couch or accent chair as well. It's an investment piece and you'll have it for life (pro tip: throw blankets make great picnic blankets). You can also change up the look of your space seasonally by switching it from the living room to the bedroom and back again.

3. Fresh Thinking - make the space about what interests you

Photo credit, The Bookbub Blog

Photo credit, The Bookbub Blog

Love to read? Create a space to encourage that. Into entertaining? What can you contribute to the area that makes it easier to want to have people over? Curating a room that supports the activities that either re-fuels or relaxes you is so necessary. This inspiring library/bedroom set up is stolen right form one of our Pinterest Boards. #lifegoals

4. Forces of Nature - introduce plant-life into the mix

Five | Six   Waraniéné Bedspread    and our Aloe friend planted in a teacup

Five | Six Waraniéné Bedspread and our Aloe friend planted in a teacup

We aren't all blessed with a green thumb. Bringing the outdoors in matters though, even if small. At Five | Six, we buy herbs every season and have a few potted succulents here and there. While it isn't much, it adds a great deal of energy to our surroundings. Succulents are an easy way to add some life to a new space without the burden of care. Give the soil a good soaking once a week and they're golden.

5. Be Well-Traveled - bring your memories into your home

Before our partnership with Waraniéné we purchased a few of their textiles while traveling to Côte d'Ivoire for the first time. We can speak to how meaningful that first purchase was for us. Even now, we still find things during our travels that we want to bring home (see above).

Bringing the things you've collected from your adventures is a great way to blend past and present. These items could be trinkets you've picked up on a weekend road trip or things you've carried with you all the way home from across the world. Displaying them together on a shelf or coffee table creates a thoughtful homage to the places you have been.