Five | Six Textiles 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is this week and that means the Holidays are in full swing. No matter what you celebrate this time of year, it usually involves buying some type of gift for those you love. Here are some of our suggestions for gifts that inspire unique stories and relish craftsmanship.

Emma's pick for the Traveler...

Bon Voyage Journal from Ames - $15

If I could give one travel tip, it would be to take a journal and write down everything. The places you go, the people you meet, the things you find. Being able to recall your travels is so special and this is the perfect little companion for any voyage. Plus! Ames and Oats donates 10% of each gift order to provide children access to quality education through their partnership with Pencils of Promise.

Laine's pick for the Resourceful Friend...

Claiborne Dusk Wall Art from 1767 Designs - $80

If one person's trash is another person's treasure, we've hit the gift giving jackpot here. This Nashville based collective makes art out of materials found in local home prior to their demolition. Each piece tells its own story and is marked with the address of where the materials were taken. All of their pieces are truly special, but becuase I'm still not over rose gold and love the moody pairing, this one is my favorites.

Emma's pick for the Trendsetter...

His and Hers Tees from Imogene + Willie - $68

All of Imogene + Willie's goods are tied to a memory and sure to become apart of anyone's closet for a lifetime. Their tees (just like their denim) are beautifully crafted and some of my personal favorite items of clothing. This "support live music" tee is inspired by the 70's home made iron-on letter tees mixed with an ode to their hometown of Nashville. 

Laine's pick for the Homebody...


Moss Soy Candle from Detroit Rose - $24

The thought of lighting a candle and curling up with a book at home sounds like a dream. Candles have a transportive quality, evoke relaxation, and pack the feeling of luxury in a tiny package. Detroit Rose makes high quality soy candle, they burn evenly and tend to last longer. These candles are hand-poured in Michigan, are completely vegan, and have a burn time of 52 hours.

Emma's pick for the Baker...

Grey Swirl Glass 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set from Food52 - $65

When buying gifts I try and think about something the person would love and use, but might not necessarily spend the money to purchase for themselves. This set of milk glass mixing bowls are at the top of my list this year. They are handmade in Ohio at a family-owned factory that's been making glass for over forty years. These are the perfect companion to a day spent inside baking.

Laine's pick for the Player

Ivory Playing Cards by Misc Goods Co - $15

Five | Six was fortunate enough to get its start via Kickstarter with a lot of help from people near and far. Misc Goods Co, a company based in Louisville, KY, is grateful to be able to say the same. As a fellow graphic design enthusiast, this is the coolest deck of cards I've seen. All of the graphics were designed by hand and the cards are printed in the USA. This gift, along with a bottle of wine, could make for a really fun night ahead.

Emma's pick for the Socially Conscious

Matte Black Mini Key Necklace from the Giving Keys - $56

Beauty is in the details, especially with this necklace. A small key with an inspiration word on a delicate chain that has the ability to transform lives. Embrace the word then pass it to a person you feel needs the message more than you. The perfect gift this year, especially at a time when we could all use a little more kindness. The Giving Keys employees those transitioning out of homelessness.

Laine's pick for the Nature Lover...

Egg Birdhouse by J Schatz - $55

For those of us that are city dwellers or busy bodies, we can't always get out on the weekends to hike and connect with nature. A small addition, like a bird feeder, is a great way to bring the great outdoors closer. This ceramic bird feeder is perfectly compact and sleek. Crafted in Rhode Island by a company that values sustainable production practices and calls themselves "wonder-certified", this is a feel good gift all around.

Emma's pick for the Impossible to Buy For...

Panela from Obelo - $7

Panela is a raw, unrefined whole-cane sugar with a caramelized taste and aroma. It can be used as a replacement for refined sugars in coffee, cocktails, baking, and cooking. It is sustainably grown and produced by farmers in an energy efficient mill, and hand harvested to preserve its natural nutrients. Based in New York, Obelo works with sustainable farmers in Colombia.

Laine's Five | Six Textiles pick for the Bag Lady (and anyone, really)...

Djarawari Missin Clutch from Five | Six Textiles - $85

When we spotted this Djarawari Missin stripe pattern at Waraniéné, we were all over it. There is bespoke quality to all the detail and stitching that is packed into it's decently sized fold over silhouette. I love this gift for so many reasons; it's versatile, packable, minimal, and the purchase gives back to the artisans who made it.

Emma's Five | Six Textiles pick for the Textile Lover...

Napkin Set from Five | Six Textiles - $24 for a set of 2

Launching this FRIDAY, these napkins are brand new for the holiday season. Our napkins are 100% cotton and designed to add that special something to your table scape this holiday season. Sold in sets of 2 for that perfect mismatched look. 10% of each purchase is dedicated into a fund for Waraniéné.

And finally, Five | Six Textiles is participating in Small Business Saturday, a holiday created by American Express to celebrate the greatness of small businesses around the country. Small Business Saturday is this Saturday (November 26th). Needless to say we're all about it. If you #shopsmall through our website using your Amex card, members will get 2X reward points! Shop small, shop local, shop smart.

Happy Thanksgiving from Laine, Emma, and the Five | Six Textiles team!