Celebrating Mother's Day with The Note Passer

We're so excited that The Note Passer featured Five | Six for Mother's Day! Read the original post below or click through to The Note Passer's site to see products by us and few other great brands-

Five | Six Textiles works with the weaving village of Waraniéné in northern Côte d’Ivoire. According to  founder Emma Wingfield, “The entire village is involved with the co-op, from raw material, to processing to sales. All the residents of Waraniéné work as full-time weavers—the women spin, dye, and stitch the cloth while the men weave. Their children learn the process through years of apprenticeships. Profits are distributed among the members of the co-op.” The residents of Waraniéné and Five | Six Textiles work in true partnership. While Wingfield was on an artist workshop research trip there, the co-op expressed interest in building a partnership to connect their collective with consumers outside of their local community and the idea for Five | Six Textiles was conceived.

With the goal of sustainable employment and fair wages, the brand is wisely looking to the co-op for direction on further investment. “We have to change the notion of ‘we know best’ and instead collaborate with communities to create a sustainable business independently from us,” says Wingfield, “We asked what else they would want out of a partnership, and so with them we will be creating education programs for their children and adult literacy courses for the co-op members who need them. Better access to education can transform lives and means that less time is spent worrying about the future of their children.”

Laine Henry