New Year, Fresh Start

Every winter my home feels the effects of seasonal affective disorder. When the days are short and warm light is in short supply, it’s hard to avoid the dull heavy-ness of winter. My apartment's combination of grey walls and neutral colors create a cooling atmosphere that fails to inspire creativity and motivation I crave when spending time at home.

I’m not one for resolutions but I do believe in fresh starts. The beginning of 2017 feels like the perfect time to give my apartment a much needed refresh. Surprisingly, it doesn't take much to inject renewed energy back into your home.

Living room before...

Living room before...

Breathing new life into an old couch is one of the easiest changes you can make. A couple of new pillows and a throw can completely alter the feel of your living room.

I chose two of my favorite pillows from our collection - the Siri Kourou, and the Waraniéné pillows - to demonstrate how easy it is to change a room's mood.

Layering a throw from my own collection (we have similar in our shop) on the arm of the couch helps to tie the whole look together. I opted to mixed patterns here, but you could just as easily do this with a solid color for a more uniform appearance. Layering textures is a great way to change the character of a room - and in this instance creates much more of a cheerful vibe in comparison to what it looked like before.

Siri Kourou Pillow ,  Waraniéné Pillow , and throw from Waraniéné

Siri Kourou Pillow, Waraniéné Pillow, and throw from Waraniéné

Switching up the bedroom is always challenging. Since few people see it, it’s difficult to justify the effort. However, this room is your sanctuary. It is where you rest and revitalize, a necessary space to inspire creativity and productivity. You want to be able to relax. For me especially, when my bedroom looks decluttered, light, and airy my mind is clear and focused.

Bedroom before...

Bedroom before...

Our Artisanal bedspread layered with a vintage throw is not only cozy buts adds nice structural depth. I love how this look carries into the living room, making any small apartment feel cohesive and texture heavy. 

I swapped out the dark pillows on the bed for our Sirakogoman pillows. Light and airy, these beauties help brighten the darkness of the room.

I didn’t switch out all of my bedding here, but that’s always a great way to breath new life into a space.

Balancing pattern and composition are key when refreshing a space. Don't be afraid to introduce new colors and designs into your home. Embrace change by mixing old and new pieces so that your home continues to tell your story.

Artisanal Bedspread  and vintage throw

Artisanal Bedspread and vintage throw