Five|Six Textiles Brings Côte d'Ivoire Art Stateside

The Brooklyn-based brand brings Waraniéné textiles to the decor space.

The artisan collective of Waraniéné in Côte d'Ivoire is an incredible community that has passed down the art of weaving for centuries. Each geometric pattern and use of color still has a specific meaning, but the weavers are free to create, develop, and modify as their artistic eye sees fit. The result are gorgeous textiles with a raw edge and an entirely unique and modern aesthetic. The collective now works in collaboration with Five|Six Textiles, a Brooklyn-based company that helps distribute their work into a broader market.

The collaboration began when Emma Wingfield, a African Art Historian, was on a trip researching artist workshops in 2014. Vali Coulibaly, the head of the Waraniéné, expressed an interest in collaborating with someone who could increase exposure to consumers outside their community and consult on silhouette design. With more business beyond the borders of their community, the collective could have more sustainable business and ensure the longevity of their practice. Emma teamed with designer Laine Henry to create Five|Six Textiles, which partners with the Waraniéné to celebrates their philosophy and approach to weaving with a desire to create a productive community that works, collectively, to keep the rich history of their shared craftsmanship alive.

Kourou Kourou Napkins  -  back in stock soon! Join our mailing list to be notified when they are available.

Kourou Kourou Napkins - back in stock soon! Join our mailing list to be notified when they are available.

Five|Six Textiles not only sells an incredible product, but the proceeds of the artisan-to-consumer business also benefit the community as a whole. A percentage of each purchase is designated into a fund to help with local educational, health, and business development programs. While global textiles are still totally in style, consider choosing products that can empower a community and promote sustainability.